High Rate Thickener

High Rate Thickener

The Creative High capacity Thickener has higher under flow densities and more water recoveries in comparison to the Conventional Thickener. Higher density requires more driving torque and also the rake should be lifted through higher viscosity material. Creative thickener can handle very high yield stress.

The feed well of the Hi-rate Thickener Contains a special Flocculation Chamber & the feed enters this Chamber a hollow Drive shaft.


Creative High Rate Thickener can be used in variety of different applications – including Mining & minerals, Industries, chemical, Water recovery, Water treatment and waste water Industries.

  • Creative Thickeners are of Low Capital Cost.
  • Tank with rubber lined for corrosive applications.
  • Tank with Bolted & Split Design for easy handling & transportation.
  • Low Friction Rake Lift. Low Flocculant consumption.
  • Thickener sizes manufactured - up to 50 mts Diameter.
  • Fully PLC controlled system available.


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