Series Pumping Application(Ash Slurry Pumps)

The Heavy Duty Creative Ash Slurry Pumps are designed for the toughest of the Applications in the Thermal Power Stations for handling the High concentration Ash Slurry which is a combination of Fly Ash & Bottom Ash.

The excellent hydraulic design guarantees maximum efficiency. Based upon the CHD series pump, the CHPP series high pressure pump offers the same features and benefits as the CHD pump, including identical hydraulics at up to 400-650 psi (28 - 45 kg/cm2) The high pressure capability allows the user to operate several pumps in series(2 to 4 Pumps), all consolidated into one pump house.

  • Multi-stage high pressure Pump Casings can operate upto - 400-650 psi (28 - 45 kg/cm2)
  • Ductile iron fully lined casing provides durability, strength, safety, and long service life.
  • Large diameter, slow turning, high efficiency impellers designed to achieve maximum wear life and low operating costs.
  • Large, open internal passages reduce internal velocities, maximize wear life and lower operating costs.
  • Minimal shaft/impeller overhang reduces shaft deflection and increases packing life.
  • Grease or oil lubricated bearing options offer ease of maintenance and reduced downtime.

We can guarantee the following criteria for our Ash Slurry Pumps :

  • Design point Capacity & Head
  • Pump speed at Design Capacity & Head, as per customer specifications
  • Pump Efficiency at Design Capacity & Head
  • Power required at Design point & max. Power requirement
  • Parallel & Series operation in accordance with certified Pump curves
  • Speeds less than 1000 rpm for max. Life of the wear parts
  • Impeller tip speed less than 28 m/sec
  • No critical speed near the Pump operating speed
  • Sound level of operation &
  • Ability to pass min. Particle size, specified.

Note : Models & Dimension are prior to change according to R&D developments in the firm without any notification


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