Creative Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps are designed for handling highly abrasive slurry with slide back facility; slide back design makes maintenance easy by pump base sliding on the rails for replacement of impeller gland parts without disconnection the suction and discharge connections. The pumps are designed with replaceable liners: low speed with high efficiency. The bearings are designed for more than 120000 operating hours.

Capacity: 10 – 1350 m3 / hr
Head 5 to 65 mts.
Size 50 mm to 250 mm

The CREATIVE Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps are designed for the toughest applications in the Mineral Processing Industry. The excellent hydraulic design guarantees maximum efficiency throughout the generously sized wear parts.
The shaft with its oversized roller bearings is assembled in cartridge type bearing housing, which is bedded in a fabricated pump frame. The stuffing box housing is attached to the same pump frame to assure total concentricity between shaft and sealing arrangement. The impeller is fixed to the shafts by a taper and a key, assuring safe attachment even at reverse rotation and still providing easy replacement.
The vertically split high-pressured casing allows operation of up to five pumps in series with standards pumps.
Shafts sealing arrangements are gland packed, water-flushed stuffing box or dynamic “expeller” seal. Both alternatives supported by pump-out vanes on the impeller. The stuffing box version has a double protection against slurry entering.

Wear Parts
The CREATIVE HEAVY DUTY SLURRY PUMPS is protected by wear parts in soft rubber/polyurathine or hard metal (hardened 24-28% Chrome Iron). The parts are completely interchangeable. This means that an elastomer-lined casing can for instance be equipped with a big chrome impeller and suction liner to give minimum operating cost. In the same casing unit a soft natural abrasion resistant rubber lined or hard metal lining can be assembled.
The outstanding hydraulic design of the impeller gives maximum efficiency throughout its operational life.

The CREATIVE Slide-Base design in combination with the pumps “REVERSE PULLING OUT” feature minimize down time for inspection and/or replacement of impeller and shaft seal details. Even the interlines can be replaces without disconnection suction or discharge pipes.

The Slide-Base arrangement eliminates the need for separate foundations. A large adjustable motor bedplate is an integral part of the pump frame.

The CREATIVE HEAVY DUTY range of pumps are primarily designed for the most demanding applications within the Mineral Processing Industry. Typical applications are Primary mill discharge, Cyclone feed and Tailings disposal. The pumps with, exceptionally high efficiency and heavy duty wear parts, make them ideal for all applications where such qualities are wanted.

  • Bearing assembly – a large diameter shaft with short overhang minimizes deflection and contributes to long bearing life. Only four through bolts are required to hold the cartridge type housing in the frame.
  • Liners – easily replaceable liners are bolted, not glued, to the casing for positive attachment and east of maintenance. Hard metal liners are completely interchangeable with pressure molded elastomer. Elastomer seal rings back all liner joints.
  • Casing – Casing halves of cast or ductile iron with external reinforcing ribs provide high operating pressure capabilities and an extra measure of safety.
  • Impeller – front and rear shrouds have pump out vanes that reduce recirculation and seal contamination. Hard metal and molded elastomer impellers are completely interchangeable. Cast in impeller threads require no inserts or nuts. High efficiency and high head designs are also available.
  • Throat bush – wear is reduced and maintenance simplified by the use of tapered mating faces to allow positive accurate alignment during assembly and simple removal.
  • One-piece frame – a very robust one-piece frame cradles the cartridge type bearing and shaft assembly. An external impeller adjustment mechanism is provided below the bearing housing for easy adjustment of impeller clearance.
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